Chuu Membership program

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How to earn points?

Create account = 50 points
Enter your birthday = 20 points
Place order = 10 points for every $100 spent
Refer a friend = Your friend gets $5 USD OFF and you get $10 USD OFF

Conditions First order Spent $500 or more Spent $1000 or more Spent $2000 or more Spent $5000 or more
Points Get 10 points every $100 Get 10 points every $100 Get 10 points every $100 Get 20 points every $100 Get 20 points every $100
Discount - 3% OFF 5% OFF 7% OFF 10% OFF
Early access - - Yes Yes Yes

About Early access

Get access to our upcoming collections before anyone else!

Why early access?

We open our new collections once a week, but sometimes we are ready to send these products up to 1 week before they open. Some popular products sell out quickly and are limited editions, we reserve the early access to members with level 3 or above.

How to get early access?

Level 3 or above members are automatically granted early access. We organize sometimes events to grant rights to early access, so stay tuned!

How to shop when I have early access?

Log in your account and all the upcoming products will become available to you!

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